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Click on the link and get your own S. E. Lund eBook starter library free! Once you confirm, you will receive an email with links to your free eBook library. Download and start reading today!

11 thoughts on “S. E. Lund Starter eBook Library

  1. I would really love to get a free e copy of the book The Gift. I read the series about Kate and Drake and loved it but feel like there is something missing. Please please if I can get a free e copy of the gift for a kobo reader that would be great. I love all the books I have read by you.

    Thank you

  2. I hope this is available in Canada and for Kindle 🙂 would love to discover your books. I read all about Christian and Gideon and am closing in on Calder. Cant wait to discover these characters of yours.

  3. I signed up for the newsletter and am looking forward to reading “The Gift.” However, both links to the file in the thank-you e-mail are for Kindle format. Is there a way to get the Nook version’s link?

    Also… You posted a link to reading the DRAKE/kate series in order, but the link appears to be dead.

    I’ve just started the series and love it already! Thanks.

  4. Do you know when book 5 in the Dominion Series? I have fallen in love with these characters and need more!

  5. Hi, I just read the restrained series what comes next? Do I read drakes side then the gift or wait for the 4th book then the gift. Sorry I’m confused lol

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