Welcome 2017!

I’m so glad 2016 is over. It was a difficult year for me personally and professionally, with my father’s illness and death from lung cancer in April. While I released Redemption in early 2016, I had to delay launch of If You Fall until July and that threw off my plans for Forever After, which I planned to release in September but is now not going to be released until January 30th, 2017. My sincere apologies to everyone who has been waiting for its release. Losing a parent must be on of the top three hardest experiences to go through, besides losing a child or spouse. It really threw things into chaos for a while.

I think it took us all a good six months to start to feel that life was reaching some kind of new normal. My mother had a really hard time at first, learning how to live on her own, responsible for everything where once my father did a lot of the work and took care of things like finances and the car, etc. She’s doing much better now but will be moving in to live with me and my boys when we make the move to the West Coast in the Spring, once I finish getting my house ready for sale.

Coming up as far as book releases in 2017:

  1. Forever After, the final instalment of the Unrestrained Series, will be released on January 30th, 2017. I will be sending ARCs out as soon as I have the edited copy ready for preorder, which should be around the 20th of January if you are interested. Stay tuned for a teaser in the next week or two.
  2. The Vampire’s Pet: Book 1, with an all new cover, and the addition of Kier’s point of view, which has been fun to write. Plus an extended edition! There will be all-new content as well as the original novella. I hope to get it published by the end of February and will post notices on my website and Facebook pages.
  3. My new standalone novel — Mr. Big Shot — a contemporary romance, will be released in April. I’ll be doing a sign up for the cover reveal and help with the release day and week promotion, so if you want to help out, I’ll be posting a signup sheet in March.
  4. I’ll be writing a slightly darker romance series titled Jake of Hearts, with a rogue warrior hero who is a man on a mission. Jake has no plans to meet a woman let alone fall in love but things don’t work out the way he planned when Celia shows up in his life. I hope to release the first instalment in early May.
  5. Finally, I’ll be releasing Eternity: Book One in late June. Eternity will tell the story of the Dominion Series, but from the twin’s points of view, so if you loved Michel and Julien — and Soren — stay tuned! I’m really excited to write this book, as I have been dying to write the twins’ — and Soren’s — points of view. Getting into their minds will be a real pleasure that I hope readers of the Dominion Series will enjoy.

That’s on my agenda so far for 2017 — books I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

Thanks for visiting and for reading my books. Happy 2017!