S. E. Lund Bio

S. E. Lund is the author of the Dominion series, a paranormal romantic suspense series featuring idential twin vampire-hunting vampires who complicate the life of Eve Hayden, a young vampire hunter.

Elizabeth “Eliza” Lund was born in a tiny military community in Northern Alberta and lived in 13 different communities in the first 18 years of her life, including Ottawa, Toronto, Tyndall AFB, and Eglin AFB near Pensacola Florida, Colorado Springs Colorado where her father worked at NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain, and Webb AFB, Big Spring Texas, where he trained student pilots for the Vietnam War.

She dreams of returning to some warm beach in the USA south and write full-time.

Eliza studied science and politics in university in Toronto, did an Bachelor of Science degree, an MA and most of a PhD before getting married and having her children. She produced babies instead of a dissertation, and learned more about love and human nature from them than from any textbook or class.

For the last decade, she’s been employed full-time as an analyst, working with physicians, nurses and paramedics on hospital and emergency medicine policy and programs, but she’d throw it all over if she could write full-time and making a living off the avails of her book royalties.

Her favourite movie is a 4-way tie between 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Master and Commander and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Oh Damn. Add in The Matrix as well!

She was a precocious reader and read Dracula when she was ten years old and has been warped ever since. An ongoing lust for vampires is her dirty little secret.

She loves to read your letters so please email her or leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “S. E. Lund Bio

  1. Silvia Razon says:

    I just left a review on Amazon about “The Agreement”. I’m the Kindlejunky. I loved it. I truly aspire to be able to stir such feelings in my stories. If you can’t live them for real, then write about them. Great work.

  2. Kristine Davis says:

    I just finished both books – reading them back to back. Loved them so much and fell in love with Drake and Kate. Any chance for a 3rd book? Even though book 2 ended wonderfully, I can see where there could be plenty still out there for a book #3. Hope so!

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