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Here’s a small teaser from Unbreakable, Book 4 in the Unrestrained series, told from Drake’s and Kate’s point of views. If you haven’t already pre-ordered a copy, you can do so at Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo Books. Coming soon to Amazon.com as well so stay tuned!


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I met the love of my life on a night when meeting a new woman and starting a relationship was the last thing on my mind.

If you had asked me that night if I was going to get married again, I would have scoffed and said something like, “Tried it. Not for me.” Or something along those lines. I truly felt that I wasn’t the marrying type, too wrapped up in my career to need a life partner or companion to live with me and share my life.

Lara, my best female friend and partner in crime in the BDSM world, had pestered me for several years to find someone to spend my life with, but I’d resisted.

Back then I’d rationalized it, saying that marriage and domesticity weren’t my thing.

Then I met Kate.

The night I met Kate, my focus wasn’t on meeting my future wife and the love of my life.

My focus was on shaking Ethan McDermott’s hand, handing him a generous check as my donation to his fundraising event, and getting through the evening so I could go home, hit the sack and get much-needed sleep. I’d been working hard for about two weeks with classes and evening call, and was mentally and physically exhausted. On top of a specialized surgical slate as a neurosurgeon, I had my cover band Mersey, I had my father’s robotic implements business to oversee, and I had the charitable foundation I started in his memory to head. Although I was almost a figurehead for the corporation and foundation, I still had responsibilities.

On the romance front, I’d just split with a long-time submissive and the breakup wasn’t as amicable as I would have liked. I wanted a new submissive for I had needs, but I wasn’t obsessed with it. At that point in my life, I was hyper-focused on my career and establishing myself as a neurosurgeon specializing in robotics.

Managing my very busy life meant I had little time for romance, so I gave it up in favor of straight no-emotional ties sessions of bondage and dominance three times a week with a submissive who knew to expect nothing in return but orgasms with a bit of kink.

Now, here I was, ten months later, eager to marry and start a new home and family with the woman who became part of my life completely unexpectedly. Kate Marie McDermott had become the biggest part of my life, filling a huge hole I didn’t realize existed and which I had swept under some emotional carpet so I wouldn’t have to stop my busy life and consider what was wrong.

I sat in my office at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi and smiled as I closed the patient file I’d been reading unsuccessfully. I knew when I’d read the same paragraph over three times that I was done for the day. It was close to 7:30 PM and I’d been at the hospital for more than twelve hours.

That was enough for one day.

Kate awaited.


I almost made it out the hospital exit to the parking lot when who should round the corner ahead of me but Sam.

Samantha Worthington.

A neurosurgery resident with whom I had a brief affair two years earlier, Sam had hoped to rekindle our previous relationship but she failed to win me back. She didn’t seem to want to take no for an answer even when my fiancée accompanied me to Africa during my stay.

I frowned when I saw her but then caught myself. There was nothing she could do now to hurt my relationship with Kate, so I tried to approach her with patience and humor when straight avoidance didn’t work.

“Hello, Sam,” I said as I passed her.

Of course, she reached out and grabbed my arm. “Just the man I wanted to see.”

I pulled my arm out of her grip and held up my hands as I rushed past. “Sorry can’t stop and chat gotta run,” I said. “Dinner’s waiting.”

“Wait,” she said, stopping in the hallway and turning to me as I reached the exit. I stood there, my hand on the door, ready to push it open, and considered whether to keep going or to turn to face her.

The urgency in her voice made me stop. I turned and looked at her, trying to hold in my impatience. “What is it?”

“I have a paediatric head trauma patient in the ER…” she said. “I know you want to specialize in pediatric neurosurgery so…”

“Isn’t Michael still here?” I said, frustrated that I couldn’t prevent Sam from being part of my day. I didn’t want to give Kate any reason to be jealous or uncertain about our bond. To me, it was unbreakable, but to Kate, it might not seem that way.

Not yet.

“He had to scrub in on another case,” Sam replied.

I sighed and let go of the door. “What have you got?”

She came to where I stood and smiled, running her hand down her hair. “A seven year old boy. Fell off a climbing structure at school. I could use your expertise.”

I’d been working with Michael Owiti, Chief of Neurosurgery at the Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi, and had assisted him on several pediatric cases. I hoped to specialize in pediatric neurosurgery and so was always interested in getting more experience in the field. But I also had a beautiful and seductive fiancé at home waiting for me.

Kate would be disappointed if I was late yet again.

“There’s no one else?”

She shook her head. “You’re Michael’s backup until you leave.”

I nodded. “Okay. Let me send a text and I’ll meet you down in the ER.”

She went back the way she came while I stood in the hallway and sent Kate a text.

Sorry to do this yet again but I have to consult on a paediatric head trauma case in the ER. Will be home as fast as I can so I can see you for at least a few hours before bed.

I waited for several seconds but there was no answer so I slipped my cell in my pocket and went back to my office. I slipped on my lab coat and made my way to the ER. A pediatric head trauma was right up my alley. Still, as much as I enjoyed working on such cases, and as much as I needed every minute of experience dealing with paediatric brain injury patients, I enjoyed my soon-to-be wife even more.

There was nothing to do about it but get there and see what was waiting for me.


Unbreakable, Book 4 in the Unrestrained Series, is scheduled for release on August 17th 2015!

S. E. Lund

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5 thoughts on “Unbreakable Teaser

    • Hi, Carissa:

      The gift should be read after either The Unrestrained Series (The Agreement, The Commitment, Unrestrained) or The Drake Series (Drake Restrained, Drake Unwound, Drake Unbound).

      S. E. Lund

  1. Cannot wait for this book to be released for preorder on Amazon for Kindle. I have read all 7 books so far and LOVE them. Super excited to read more about Drake and Kate.

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