Updates, Plans and Florida 2016

NEW UNBREAKABLE TINT small It’s been a while since I published a blog — my life is so busy right now, I feel like I barely have time to think! Why am I so busy? First, I have two books coming out very soon and so am very busy writing. The first book is Drake Unbound, the full-length novel and conclusion of the Drake Series. I decided to release it as a full-length novel instead of three novellas. This will conclude the Drake Series, which is the Unrestrained Series but told through Drake’s eyes. I’m doing final edits before I send it to my editor. Once I get her edits back, I will put it up for pre-order on Amazon. It should be live on June 15th! I hope to have pre-order available for Amazon but it may not work out in time. Stay tuned! I’m also working on Unbreakable, Book 4 in the Unrestrained Series. I expect to release it on July 27th August 31st, due to a recent illness that threw my schedule off by several weeks.

It’s available for pre-order now on Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Kobo books. It will cover the first year or so of Drake and Kate’s marriage, including the wedding, honeymoon and first months together. There will be challenges to their relationship, tests of their character, and some heartbreak that will see if their bond is unbreakable. I’m excited to write this book and have about 12,000 words already done. Tentative Release Date: August 17th. Besides these two books, I have new covers to organize with my cover designer for the Drake series, which I will be revealing later in June. I will probably also release a boxed set of the three Drake novels – Drake Restrained, Drake Unwound, and Drake Unbound. I’m also trying to get print books ready for The Commitment and Unrestrained as well as the Dominion Series, and the Drake Series. Once I have proofs, I will be giving away signed copies for those of you who like to collect them. Check this blog and my Facebook author page for the details! Finally, I have finally found a way to do Audiobooks with ACX! Since I’m Canadian, there is no easy way to work with ACX without an US bank and US mailing address. I am going to work with a middle man who will help with this so look for audiobooks for the Unrestrained Series coming sometime later this year. Later this summer, I will be finishing up the Dominion Series, and will be writing Redemption, Book 5 in the Dominion Series. I will be sad to say goodbye to Julien, Michel and Eve, Soren and the rest of the cast, but they need their resolution. I’ve toyed with a prequel to the Dominion Series, and wrote Kingdom of the Damned short story that covers the making of Michel and Julien as vampires and considered doing an entire novel following their time with Soren after they were turned. I may still get to that one day, depending on how my schedule works and if there is demand. The next series on my agenda is the Brimstone Series of Contemporary Romantic Suspense novels. I have three planned, and have about 15,000 of the first book written. I’m excited to write this book, too, and will be introducing several new characters and a new couple. I anticipate writing If You Dare, Book 1 of the Brimstone Series, in the Fall 2015. I have just finished reading Girl on the Train and Gone Girl and absolutely want to write a suspense novel along those lines sometime soon. I have a suspense plot, several characters and hope to write it and release in the New Year. It’s provisionally titled Paradise Hill, but that is still under consideration. Suspense, Crime, and Thrillers have been a long-time love of mine and so being able to write one would be a great treat! Of course, there will be a love story — I can’t write anything without one, but the suspense story will be the focus. Will write more about my concept later when I’m finished work on existing projects. Plus, I have several science fiction and fantasy short stories, plots and novels under another pen name that I want to work on. Too many ideas and not enough time! This is in addition to work on my 100-year old house to get it in shape to be sold later this summer. The basement needs bracing and patching, the house needs painting, the kitchen needs a facelift and the yard needs prettifying. I have my work cut out for me. All this is because I plan to move to Vancouver, British Columbia in the Fall of 2015, once my house sells. I have always wanted to live by the ocean and Vancouver is called ‘Lotus Land’ for a reason — the weather is absolutely the best in Canada. I will try to spend winters in Florida and summers in Vancouver. I want to be able to smell salt air and walk the beach. It’s been a dream of mine for just about forever so I hope to be living that dream soon! My two sons will be moving with me and going to school on the coast. They are as fed up with Prairie winters as I am. 🙂 Some of you may know that my father is one year post-op for Stage 1 lung cancer. He just got an all clear from his latest CT and as long as it stays clear, we are planning a trip to Florida for our winter getaway in February and March. Coco Beach / Cape Canaveral is our first stop to watch a the Falcon 9 – SpaceX lift off, then Key West and finally Fort Myers Beach. We hope to spend 60 days in Florida in February and March 2016. I am blessed that I can write anywhere, and be able to keep my business going even while sitting beside the ocean or pool. rockets The Falcon 9 Space X lift off will be on February 13th from Cape Canaveral, Florida. That’s it for me! You can watch this blog or my Facebook feed to keep up to date on my writing plans for 2015/2015. I will be posting teasers from Drake Unbound and Unbreakable in the coming weeks so stay tuned! S. E. (Eliza) Lund

One thought on “Updates, Plans and Florida 2016

  1. Wow you have been busy!!! I can’t wait so many books to read. I will also be sad to see The Dominion Series end 😦 I look forward to all of your books including the Drake Series still working on those not done yet! I’m also interested in Vampire’s Pet. You didn’t mention that one I hope there’s more on Kier and Calla love him a lot!!!

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