Publication Schedule Update and New Releases

I wanted to update my readers on my production schedule for the next 12 months so you know what’s coming up and what my plans are.

The Drake Series

I’m busy with several ongoing projects, including finishing off the Drake Series of novellas, which I hope to have finished by December 15th. Drake 3 and Drake 4 will be released one week apart if all goes well, with Drake 3 released on December 8th and Drake 4 on December 15th.

If you haven’t already started the Drake Series, Drake 1 is available here and Drake 2 is available here.

I know some of you don’t like serials, and I completely understand if you want to wait until the whole Drake Restrained series is complete before you purchase. The Drake Restrained Collection 1, which contains Drake 1 and 2, is currently available on Amazon. You can pick up a copy for just $2.99. I will be releasing the Drake Restrained Collection 2 on the 15th so you can buy the two books together. I will also create an omnibus collection with all four novellas in it for those who want to wait until the very end to purchase all four and who dislike serials.

If there is enough interest in reading the Unrestrained Series from Drake’s point of view, I will continue and do the second and third series, Drake Unwound and Drake Unbound, in the coming months in between other projects. It will include all new content as well as telling the story of The Commitment and Unrestrained from Drake’s first person perspective.

Redemption: Book Five in The Dominion Series

Redemption, the final novel in the Dominion Series will be released in the Summer of 2015. I’ll start writing it in April, and hope to have it ready for August release. It’s a very complex series and will be exciting to wrap everything up. Look for teasers and a cover reveal starting in July.

Two New Serials: A Experiment in Indie Publishing

As some of my readers may be aware, the indie publishing world is in a constant state of change. This means that us indies have to remain flexible and change our business practices to survive and compete. Currently, Amazon has rolled out the Kindle Unlimted program, which like Scribd and Oyster, involves a monthly membership, where members pay a monthly fee and can borrow as many books as they want from the  lending library.

Participating authors in Kindle Unlimited must go exclusive to Amazon for 90 days to participate but in exchange for exclusivity they get increased exposure through the program and receive a payout when their book is borrowed and read past 10%. The payout is determined monthly and it has had significant impact on sales for a lot of us indies. For some, Kindle Unlimted has been good. For others, their incomes have declined — sometimes very steeply.

I’m not taking sides in this debate but am instead experimenting to see what works best for me as an author. For that reason, I’m starting a fiction experiment where I write two serials and see which approach works best for me and for readers. I appreciate your feedback on what works or doesn’t work for you as readers so please feel free to post a comment or drop me an email with feedback! As always, I value your input!

One of the serials will be put on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited so it will not be available on other retailers until the 90 days are up. The other serial will be available on all platforms, with the first ‘episode’ perma-free. I’ll see how each of the serials do and will modify my writing plans based on response from readers.

As I said earlier, I know some of you hate serials and prefer to wait until they are complete before purchasing. I respect that so I will be releasing the serials as full-length novels once they are complete. I will keep the price of the serial episodes low so that you don’t pay too much if you buy them one at a time. I know that value is important to readers in today’s market!

Kingdom of the Damned – Prequel to The Dominion Series

For those who are interested in what happened before The Dominion Series, I have a special treat! I love all things medieval and as part of my fiction project, I’m releasing Kingdom of the Damned, the prequel to The Dominion Series as a serial. The serial will be available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited. It will tell the story of Julien’s manuscript as well as including entirely new scenes and settings as the three – Soren, Michel and Julien –  travel together across Europe after the brothers are turned.

The first part, Kingdom of the Damned: Part One is available now.  It is a short story of approximately 30 pages on Kindle. I’ll be following up with Part Two in the next month. Don’t rush out and buy it yet for I’ll be taking advantage of the 5 free days Amazon allows for each 90-day period. You can get it free on Amazon starting November 26th until the 30th. If you’re currently an Amazon Prime member or belong to Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free now. Sign up for Kindle Unlimited if you want unlimited access to 400,000+ titles on Amazon! If you can’t wait for free days, you can read it now for just 99c! If you don’t have  a Kindle, you can read it on your PC or Smartphone with the Kindle App.

The Vampire’s Pet – New Adult Paranormal Romance

I’m also starting a new adult paranormal romance serial to see how having a perma-free series opener works. You can read the first instalment free at Smashwords, and it will be also free on Barnes and Noble and other retailers soon but you can download it in Mobi or ePub format now through Smashwords. I hope you enjoy it — I’m excited to write it! I expect to release a new instalment every couple of weeks for the next few months.

Brimstone: Contemporary Romantic Suspense Series

I’ve been planning Brimstone for a while and look forward to writing it. Brimstone is a series of full-length standalone novels and follows several alpha males in the Brimstone Security and Threat Analysis Corporation. All three are former Special Ops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. All three are gorgeous hunks of alpha male heroes who meet their matches in the boardroom and bedroom. I am really excited to write this series and hope readers will enjoy it too!

If You Dare – A Standalone Romantic Suspense In the Brimstone Series

If You Dare is the first book in the Brimstone series and I expect to release it in March 2015. It’s a tale I’ve been eager to tell for a while but have been busy with other projects. If You Dare tells the story of two star-crossed lovers who meet through shared tragedy and despite being completely wrong for each other, they can’t keep apart. Look for a cover reveal and teasers soon!

Bad Boy Beautiful – A Standalone Contemporary Romantic Comedy

This is the third new contemporary Romance series I’m starting and will feature, as the title suggests, a very beautiful bad boy who finally meets the one woman he can’t seduce but who he wants more than anything. Look for it in Fall 2015!

Kate and Drake’s First Christmas

Finally, subscribers to my mailing list will get a gift from me for the Holiday Season! That’s right – if you subscribe to my mailing list, you will receive a present in your virtual Holiday Stocking! A short story featuring Kate and Drake’s first Christmas and New Year’s Eve together. It will be part kink, part romance and part huge development so if you haven’t already, sign up for my mailing list!

Sign Up Here!

I’ll be sending all members of my mailing list a free copy when it goes live so don’t miss out on it or any of my emails about upcoming releases and sales!

Spot Teh Typo

Yes, you read that right — no matter how many times a book is edited, even after three different people have reviewed for typos and mistakes, they still happen. 😦 I know it’s bothersome to find typos, so help me make my books better! If you’re the first to spot the typo in a book and send me an email, you will get a special gift of a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate! The winner with the date and time of the email, will be announced on this page so stay tuned.

When you spot a typo in one of my books, novellas or short stories, send me an email with the typo and if you’re the first, I will send you a prize. Thanks for your help!

That’s all for now — thanks a million for reading my books! Help keep Indie Authors writing — leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads or other retailers to spread the word about authors and books you love!

S. E (Eliza) Lund

6 thoughts on “Publication Schedule Update and New Releases

  1. I my goodness!!! PLEASE PLEASE give us more Drake, PLEASE!!!!! I really love the series and I enjoy it when I can read it from different points of view. Love love love it! Trying to be patient and wait for the next one…but it’s hard!!!

  2. Re amazon etc. If you write it i will pay for it end of story. Looking forward to Brimstone. I do not sign up for kindle unlimited because i read books more than once and am saving a ton by not buying paperback. i also realise that as an author you need an income. if i want to be able for you to have time to write, I need to pay for your talent to take me on a ride through a heartfelt adventure which is frequently better than any movie or tv show available so I am personally happy to pay ~ you get what you pay for. I have yet to be disappointed. Happy writing and i am excited that your family is supporting you in you new “day job” A happy mother is an incredible gift to give your teens. Sets a great example. Davia

    • Hi, Davia — so glad you enjoy my books and thanks for commenting!

      Yes, we authors do need the income to keep writing and I am so lucky that I am able to make a living as an author! I love writing stories and reading comments from readers. It makes it all worthwhile! 🙂

      MY books will probably come out of Kindle Unlimited in January and February so stay tuned and I can’t wait to write Brimstone! 🙂

  3. I am LOVING Drake’s POV so far! Thank you!! Also, at the time I read the 2nd book I was very interested in learning more about Drake’s POV especially regarding his child, so I would be SO happy if you were to continue with his POV! Actually, I could read from Drake’s POV all day long….love him!

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