Throwback Thursday


***Throwback Thursday***

In spirit of Colleen Hoover’s blog post about her indie publishing success, I wanted to share mine as part of Throwback Thursday.

A year ago this week, I walked into my boss’s office and gave my 2-weeks notice.

When she asked why, I told her that I had written a romance series that had been in the top 100 on Amazon and that I wanted to quit so I could write full time.

Two weeks earlier, I sat down with my father and we went over my finances. I was a newly separated working mother of two teenage boys with a mortgage, a car lease and no child support. However, I had already made more income as a self-published romance author than my existing income as a policy analyst for the provincial government Ministry of Health and was on track to make even more since I had another book in the series, plus too many ideas for even more books.

When I sat down and did the math, I made more self-publishing per hour than I did at a job where I was required to have a Masters Degree. So I took the plunge and gave my notice. My boss was totally shocked. She congratulated me and I spent my last two weeks letting everyone know where things were located so they could do my job for there wouldn’t be time to replace me. I had done my job for 11 years.

Since I quit, I have been able to write what I love and interact with readers and other indie writers. I haven’t hit the big times, or made a million dollars, but I am making a good living as an indie author and I love it! This self-publishing gig is fantastic! I get up when I want, sit down at my computer with a cup of joe, and write erotic love stories. I couldn’t be happier! It was always a dream of mine to make a living as an author and now I am living that dream.

(It has also been my dream to live by the ocean but that’s next on my agenda!)

Thank you thank you thank you to my family and friends who supported my desire to quit a respectable career and start one that is so unpredictable. Thank you to all the new friends I have made through this self-publishing journey! Thank you to my tireless editor Michelle who goes over my manuscripts with a meticulous eye and makes them better. Thank you to the other indie authors who supported and mentored me!   

Most of all, thanks to YOU — all the readers who took a chance on an unknown author and bought my books. I LOVE you!

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. I love it when people who have self belief take the plunge and risk it all to do something that they love. To make such a success of it, is just the icing on the cake!!!!

  2. Congradulations! I adore your books and I’m glad you can write full time now. Wish I could do the same.

  3. I am happy for you. You are what every woman wants to be and do! I have always wanted to write, but I can never remember enough of my dreams to write them down. (They are so cool) How do you do it?

  4. Congratulations!! I’m very happy for you and I really enjoy reading your books and I can’t wait for your next book.

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