My Next Book

I’m going to ask readers to help me decide which book to write next, once I finish the Drake Restrained series.

I’m working on several novels at once, planning, plotting and dreaming them. Here’s an image I thought of using for one of them — an erotic romance.


If You Dare


He’s a bad boy who’s trying to be good.

She’s a good girl who wants to be bad.

When they meet through a shared tragedy, it’s like fire and gasoline.

Dare for ads

What do you think?


13 thoughts on “My Next Book

  1. This idea sounds great! They are both running – he from his past and her towards a life with passion. Can’t wait to see the way you write this plot line.
    It has been so interesting to read Drake’s side of his and Kate’s story. When is the next one coming out?
    A long time fan of your work!!

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