The Agreement – Excerpt

Excerpt from The Agreement:



Someone arrived early and I wondered who it was? It was so not appropriate for guests to arrive before the allotted time. Must be a buffoon who was rich but not used to the usual protocol for these kinds of events.

The event planner answered the door and in walked Dr. Drake Morgan looking like a hundred-million-odd bucks.


I froze. Was he invited? I saw the guest list and never saw his name. Maybe he was just popping in? He did know my father…

He looked… devastating. While the organizer took his coat, I saw he was wearing a very expensive black suit with a deep royal blue shirt and black tie. His hair was sexy, black and shiny and a bit wild from the wind outside, falling just below his collar in the back, and there was a fashionably-stylish amount of whiskers on his face. He scanned the entryway and then he saw me sitting in the living area in front of the fireplace. A surge of adrenaline went through me when our eyes met. He slipped his hands into his pockets and smiled, that quirk of a half-smile, his eyes twinkling.


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3 thoughts on “The Agreement – Excerpt

  1. enjoyed both The Agreement and The Commitment – need more of Drake and Katherine – when will the other books be finished?

    • Hi, Kiki! Unrestrained will be available on Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iBooks as soon as July 30th if all goes as planned.

      Thanks for reading my books!


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