Excerpt From The Agreement


Drake 5

“I wonder where he is,” she said, her voice a bit impatient. “He’s usually right on time.”

I took in a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. As we waited, he walked into the café – Drake Morgan, MD. Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the Columbia Center for Movement Disorders, Bass Player, Volunteer for Doctors Without Borders, the medical charity we both belonged to, the son of my father’s oldest and best friend.

What was he doing here?

Seeing him once more, I realized that he was perhaps the most beautiful man I’d ever met with those impossibly-blue eyes fringed with thick dark lashes and a few days-worth of stubble on his very square jaw. Fresh from the OR at NY Presbyterian, he still wore blue scrubs under a white lab coat.

He stopped up short, frowning when he saw us, glancing around the deserted café as if in confusion. When Lara stood and waved him over to the table, I got a very bad feeling.

“You’re late,” she said, air kissing his cheeks when he arrived as if she’d been expecting him.

It was only then I realized why he was there.

The look on Drake’s face would have been hilarious if it wasn’t the most awkward moment of my life.

This was a disaster.

“Oh, God,” I said, glancing away for a moment. Drake was my Dom. The Dominant who was going to teach me about the lifestyle.  The one Lara thought I could like for real.

“I have to go.” I pulled on my coat, gathered up my bag and put on my sunglasses. I walked away, my body stiff, mortified that Drake Morgan was the Dom I was supposed to meet.

“Kate!” Lara called out to me, but I was out the door and on the street hailing a taxi before Lara could call me back. I practically ran away from them – from Drake.

Oh, God

The taxi drove down the street and before even a few moments passed, my cell rang. It was from Lara. I refused the call.

When it rang a second time, I answered.

“Before you say anything,” I said, frustrated, not wanting to speak to her now. “I want you to remind Dr. Morgan that this was purely academic. This was research – nothing more. No matter what you think Lara, I’m not interested. This was nothing personal—”

“Kate, Kate, shhhh,” Drake Morgan said, his voice soft. “Don’t worry. I know. You’re a serious student. This is just research. If anything, it’s me who should be embarrassed.”

I hung up and threw my phone into my bag.




Now available on Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, and Smashwords as well as Amazon.

iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id861919303

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