Teaser From Redemption


I spend the rest of the evening sitting on the patio watching the night sky. Down below on the beach, two guards take turns patrolling the property’s perimeter. On the street to the west, another set of guards monitors the road in case Soren comes for me.

I’ll eventually move somewhere safe, but for now, I want to stay by the sea until Dylan gets me Blackstone’s daywalking drug. I’m still too new as a vampire to be doing anything but adjust. The twins will have to accept that, although I know it worries them that I’m staying here alone with only the guards to protect me.

I need this peace and quiet for my sanity. At the beach cottage, the rest of the world with all its tragedy and heartbreak seems to vanish and it’s just me and the sound of the surf, the seabirds, and when they’re with me, one or other of the twins.


Julien arrives an hour before dawn, when the sky is still dark enough that I can sit outside with a blanket around me and breathe in the fresh air without being too cold. I hear the lock turn and then the sliding door to the patio open. He stands behind my chair and his hands squeeze my shoulders as he leans down to kiss me on the cheek.

I take one of his hands and squeeze it back.

“You were able to escape?”

“I did what you wanted. Michel and I sat up talking strategy and meeting with a few people about security. I think he was trying to stay awake as long as possible in case I left early, but when I didn’t, he finally went to his bedroom and closed the door. Then I waited at least twenty minutes before I left the house. If he was still awake and listening to see if I left, it’s his own fault for being jealous.”

Julien takes my hand and pulls me up from the chair.

“Come inside. It’s cold out here.”

I try to resist and stand my ground. “I like it out here. The sound of the water calms me.”

“I don’t want you calm, Eve. I want you all breathless and excited.”

He grins and I can’t resist that de Cernay smile. Finally, I relent and let him pull me inside the house, my heart rate quickening at the thought we’ll make love.

“You can’t wait?”

“I can’t wait any longer,” he says and removes the blanket from around my shoulder. “It’s been ten days. That’s more than long enough.” His voice drops lower in register and I can tell he’s excited at the prospect of us reigniting our passion for each other.

He begins removing my sweater, pulling it over my head, his eyes already half-lidded as his lust builds. In the chill air of the bedroom, my skin is all gooseflesh and he smiles and runs his fingers over the tops of my breasts and down to my nipples, which are now hard nubs. He unlatches my bra and it springs open, releasing my breasts and that makes him inhale deeply. He sits on the bed and pulls me between his knees before burying his face between my breasts. I cradle his head in my arms and we remain in that position for a few moments as our senses finally join and mingle, our flesh becoming an indistinguishable mass of desire.

He glances up at me, our eyes meeting and I see in them both love and lust.

“I miss you,” he whispers. “When we’re apart, I feel as if a part of me is empty. I only feel whole when we’re together, alone. This being apart for ten days at a time is hell, Eve. I don’t like it. I want us to be together all the time.”

I shake my head because I feel the same ache he describes when I’m separated from one or the other twin. Even when I’m with one, my heart aches for the other and I feel guilty for denying them.

“We can’t be together all the time, Julien. You know that.”

“The heart wants what it wants.”

Then he kisses my neck where he first bit me, and the press of his lips against my skin makes my breath catch in my throat. Briefly, for a short time, I forget everything – all the stress of discovering that Soren is free. The worry about moving to Boston. Daywalking. Being a vampire.

It disappears in a blur of flesh and mouths and tongues and fingers as our bodies strain against each other, our limbs entwined, our breaths joined.


Note: Teaser is a draft and is subject to revision.

Release date: June 26, 2014

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