The Blog Tour for Drake Restrained is underway! The novella told from Drake Morgan’s point of view is on sale for just 99c! Get your copy and meet Dr. Delish, Dr. Dangerous aka Master D!

Drake Morgan, MD. Neurosurgeon, bass player, philanthropist. He tries to keep his life under strict control, separating sex and love and work and music, but when Kate McDermott comes along, things get messy!

8 thoughts on “drake-restrained-blog-tour.jpg

  1. I read The Agreement and am hooked but cannot find the rest of the series on the Barnes and Noble website. Are the rest not sold through Barnes and noble? Would love to finish the series but my nook books have to come through Barnes ans Noble.
    Thanks for your help.
    Cheri s.

    • Hi, Jill — when I released my books initially, they were exclusive through Amazon. I am now releasing them when they become available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes and other online retailers. Unrestrained will be available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes on or about July 30th. Thanks for your interest!


  2. Looking for part 3 and going crazy…. I have the nook but cant find….Totally fell in love with this series and cant wait to continue……Definitely in love with Dr Delish.. LOL

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