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  1. think they are better than the first two cover releases.these make the focus the vampire twins.The first release artwork made me think of the story plot-vampires against or for human co-habitation with them & what that
    would mean for the humans.The second release artwork put the focus on Eve.This one focuses on the twins-the priest and the warrior.Nice.

  2. LOVE love love the covers!! Beyond excited for the fourth book. I’m in LOVE with both of the brothers lol. They are both beautiful and strong in different ways. If that makes any sense?. I wouldn’t know what to do if I was Eve!! God I’m a hot mess lol.

    • YAY! So glad you love the covers! And the brothers! Eve is really having a hard time in book 4 having to choose between the two! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  3. OMG! I have to agree with what Madeline said, BOTH brothers are just amazing and walking hotness, wow! I envy Eve on one hand, but I do NOT envy being in her situation of having to choose, no way. It’s like having to choose between breathing and your five senses, ugh.

    Can’t WAIT for ‘Redemption’…like a junky needing the next fix, lol. 😊

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