Teaser from Drake Restrained

Excerpt from Drake Restrained, my novella in the Unrestrained Series told from Drake’s Point of View:



We arrived at her apartment block and Dave hopped out as soon as the car stopped. He opened the door for Katherine before I could even get out of my door.

I watched helplessly as Dave walked Katherine up the stairs to the front entrance of the building.

“Good night, Kate,” Dave said when they reached the door. “Call me about that interview.”

“I will,” she said, and then she turned back to the car where I stood watching. She smiled at me and in that smile, I saw appreciation as if she was glad that at least I had shown her more respect. “Thank you for the ride. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to finally meet you,” I said and smiled back. “Take care of those knees. If you have any problems, feel free to call me.”

She turned and went inside.

Dave returned to the car and sat in the front beside me.

“You know,” I said, trying to choose my words carefully. “I can tell from her response to you that you make her uncomfortable.”

“You think so?” he said as if genuinely unaware of how he affected Katherine. “I thought she was flirting with me.”

No,” I said firmly. “She was trying to be nice. She was not flirting.”

Dave turned to me and frowned. “What makes you an expert? I barely ever see you with a woman. In fact, I never see you with anyone beside that lawyer woman, Lara.”

“I can tell by watching her with you that you make her feel uncomfortable. You might want to dial the attempt at seduction back just a bit.”

I raised my eyebrows for emphasis, but Dave only frowned.  He watched out the window as we drove to his apartment.

“Well, no loss,” he said finally and shrugged. “Women are like busses. If you miss one, there’ll be another along in a few minutes.”

“Not like Katherine,” I said to myself more than to him.

He turned to me and made a face. “You like her?”

I said nothing, trying hard not to smile or respond.

“Drake Morgan, the great Doctor, likes little miss Hangin’ Judge’s daughter?” He laughed at that and shook his head. “Well, I’ll be damned. OK,” he said and smiled, punching my shoulder playfully. “I’ll back off if that’s the case.”

“It’s not that,” I said, unwilling to admit to anything. “It’s just that I’m very fond of Ethan and he’s very protective of Katherine. She’s not a trifle.”

“A trifle?” Dave laughed at that and peered at me as if I’d lost my mind. “What are you? A throwback to the Edwardian era?”

He chuckled to himself and watched out the window as we pulled up to his apartment.

“Drake Morgan, you surprise me,” he said as he left the car. He stood with the door open, leaning in so he could talk to me. “I thought you stuck with nurses or physicians. She’s kinda out of your league, isn’t she?”

“She’s very smart,” I said. “She writes very well.”

“She has a hot little body,” Dave said and wagged his eyebrow in the most annoying manner. “Admit it.”

“You know, I am your boss,” I said to him, trying to look stern.

He broke out laughing at that. “What? Are you going to fire me because I made a pass at her? Good God, Drake, you’re smitten.”

I frowned at him, but then I realized I was being a bit of a prude. I took in a deep breath for a moment and then I finally smiled at him. “She does have a very hot little body. Now, get the hell out of here and leave her alone or else it’ll be sabers at dawn,” I said, laughing at his expression.

“Later, boss,” Dave said. I waved him away, knowing that our friendship was too strong for this to come between us.

I left him standing on the sidewalk and drove to my apartment in Chelsea, but something he said kept echoing in my mind.

Good God, Drake, you’re smitten…

I wanted her. I felt it in my gut, in my groin. Adrenaline washed through me when I thought of her being under my control. I’d have to go very carefully with her. I’d take it really slow, be really gentlemanly, respectful. She reminded me of a timid doe, and I’d have to move slowly and quietly or else I’d scare her off. To tame her to hand would take quite a lot of finesse.

I could do it. The two candidates Lara had for me as potential submissives were novices as well, but they had entered the lifestyle looking for a Dom. Neither were nearly as enticing as Katherine, despite her not being in the lifestyle.

At that moment, I decided to pursue her anyway and see how far I could get. If she was in the least bit submissive, I intended to be the one to slowly and very carefully introduce her to the lifestyle.

Good God, Drake, you’re smitten…

I had only just met the lovely Ms. Bennet, but he was right.

I was.


Tentative release date: March 25, 2014

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