13 thoughts on “The Commitment is LIVE!

  1. I loved the commitment it is better then 50 shades. Thank you for writing these books. They are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely loved the Unrestrained Series! Please, please tell me there is more to Drake and Kate’s story. When will the next book come out?

  3. Hi and thanks for posting a comment! Yes, there is another book in the works — book 3 — the final book in the series. I hope to release it in either December 2013 or January 2014. 🙂

  4. I ENJOYED ENJOYED the books you have written. I am so excited about the next book and I am anxious in discovering the title. Have you considered writing a book about Kate’s father and his young wife?
    He could be a Dom with Lara being the teacher??
    Thanks for such GREAT READING!

  5. Wow, wow, wow —-started the unrestrained series and just could not put these books down……so now I’m tired and lacking sleep and am so glad to hear that there is more to the story because I just could not see this series end this way —— we need more —-books were great —will go on amazon to rate because the writing is edge of your seat and the story line makes you come back for more. Loved Drake and Katherine! LOVED THIS SERIES AND WILL CERTAINLY TELL MY FRIENDS!!!!!

  6. Am 80 percent finished with the agreement. I’ve had to stop and go to you tube and find simon and garfunkle singing old friends/ bookends! Then post it to my Facebook page! Then had to go find the turtles singing you showed me! Don’t remember it being so romantic,:-) but was a teenager when it came out. Then went to find out about nick drake. Such a sad story with him. Loving the book!

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