Release of The Commitment

I know a lot of readers have been by to check and see about the release of The Commitment. I had initially hoped to release it in July, but I had urgent surgery and that set back the writing by a couple of weeks as I recovered. The editing schedule also was set back as a result. I thought I could be done by the 16th of August, but it was impossible to get the revisions done and editing finished by then. I expect to release The Commitment by August 30th if all goes well in the next few days with the final line edit. I will post on Twitter and Facebook and here on my blog when I have a firm date.

Thanks for your interest!


3 thoughts on “Release of The Commitment

  1. Thanks for the update. Best wishes to you and I do hope you are feeling better.
    I’m so looking forward to this next book. I was hoping to have it by the 28th August, as I’m leaving Sydney for Dallas on the 29th, and it would have gone someway towards keeping me occupied on the long long flight (15 hrs)!
    Take care, and thanks again for this series

  2. Hope there will be a sequel to ‘The Commitment” ….have loved the book and characters and story …..hope the next book will come soon …….E

  3. I really enjoy reading The agreement and Commitment. How soon will the third book ( unrestrained series) be release?

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