The Sub Club Reviews The Agreement!

Yay! Kari at The Sub Club reviews The Agreement:


”If your mind wanders, I’ll have to bring you back with me. I want you here, with me, mentally and emotionally, Kate. With me in the moment. Focused.”

My Review

My friend Gina at Erotica Book Club and I were chatting about books when she told me about author S.E. Lund. The way she described the authors’ Dominion series made me want to read any and all of her books! So when I received an email from S.E. Lund herself asking to read and review The Agreement, I jumped at the chance. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed.  (Thank you Gina!)

The romance between Dr. Drake Morgan and Kate McDermott had an unusual beginning but I loved how everything played out between them. He was guarded and compartmentalized things as it happened between them. She was scared of his secrets being exposed just by being with her.  But as I kept reading, I knew it would only be a matter of time before they both realized no matter how much they denied it, they were falling in love. 

There were a few times I wanted Kate to grow a backbone and for her to stand up for her relationship with Drake. Especially with her best friend Dawn. While I know Dawn was looking out for her in her own way, it made me angry for Kate to have to deal with it. Overall though, I enjoyed how Kate realized her worth and most of all, what she deserved in the end. Did Drake and Kate get their happily ever after? I’ll let you read The Agreement to find out.

If you’re looking for a great read with steaminess (really steamy!), scorching hot letters (my favorite part of this book!), Fifty Shades of Grey references, a sexy, domineering man named Drake, and a story of two people who weren’t looking for love but somehow found themselves in the middle of it…then you don’t want to miss out on reading this book.  I can’t wait to start on S.E. Lund’s Dominion series and read any other books she has in the future!

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