Excerpt from my Contemporary Romance





Excerpt from my new Contemporary Romance novel:


I inhaled deeply and tried to calm myself, for my heart was racing a bit too fast because of everything. My hands shook just a bit, and I felt as if I couldn’t catch my breath.

I had to leave. I had to get out of there.

I stood and grabbed my bag.

“Excuse me,” I managed to whisper and I crept past Drake to the aisle and out of our box seats to the hallway. I gasped when I was finally away from them, from him and leaned against the wall, swallowing, trying to catch my breath.

I found a side exit and left the building completely, standing outside in the November chill, my arms bare, but the cool air felt good on my skin. I leaned against the building and stared straight up into the sky. It was clear with a few faint stars peeking through Manhattan’s light pollution.

The door opened beside me. Drake…

Damn him.

“Kate, what on Earth are you doing out here? It’s freezing out, for God’s sake.”

He grabbed my arm, but I pulled free and stood my ground. My knees were too shaky to try to walk away, so I just stayed where I was, leaning against the wall, my arms wrapped around me.

“Just leave me. I need some air.”

I closed my eyes, for they were starting to tear up again and I hated myself for being so weak. For being a stupid female in front of him. I bit my lip until it hurt and blinked rapidly, turning my face away from him.

He removed his jacket, leaving him in his crisp white shirt and black tie. Then, he manhandled me, pulling me away from the wall, wrapping me in his jacket, which smelled of him and was so warm. He tightened it around me, his face dark.

“There,” he said and then he tipped my face up so that I had to look in his eyes. I tried to avoid him as if he was some kind of drug, for he was, and I was weak…

Our eyes finally met and I felt this jolt of something go through me from my chest to my groin.

“Oh, fuck, Kate…” he said almost groaning. He pressed against me, his hips pinning me to the wall, his arms on the bricks beside my head. He kissed me, and it wasn’t the kiss he gave me earlier in the concert hall, soft and tender. It was passionate, his mouth harsh against mine, his lips parting, his tongue finding mine, searching my mouth. One hand slipped behind my head, the other tangled in my hair, which he pulled out of its clip so that it fell around my shoulders.

The kiss went on and on, my heart racing, my body responding to the feel of his against me, his erection hard against my groin, his thigh jammed between mine.


Coming in April 2013

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