Reviews for the Dominion Series

Here are some reviews for The Dominion Series:


5 Stars:

This intelligent well written novel combines all the best aspects of The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. It by no means targets a teenage audience.

The story follows Eve, a premed student, searching for answers about her mothers death and her desire for revenge against the vampires responsible. That is until she meets twin brothers Michel and Julien and she realizes that although they are vampires (reluctantly), they retain much of their human goodness and she can’t control her attraction to them.

The author successfully draws you into the romance and makes you feel the desire between them. Without giving too much away, the sexual experiences are AMAZING in that they feel each others lust and physical reactions (a vampire thing!) and you really understand why Eve can’t stay away. The book has a well thought out storyline and is not overwhelmed with too much sex but has enough romantic kink to make you yearn to keep reading and hope they each get what they need from the relationship(s).

The book ends with a cliffhanger and I immediately downloaded the sequel Ascension. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

FOOTNOTE: I normally have no interest in anything Vampire but this love story is too good. I learned about it reading a recommendation on Twitter. You’ll be glad you read it.


I cant believe I found this book. Great read. You have mystery,sex you name it. The characters are easy to identify with.Sect twin brother vampires,which one to choose? Could not put this book down. I highly recommend to buy both the Dominion & Assension. Can not wait until book three is released in December.


Well written plot and great dialogue. Not a huge fan of the paranormal genre, but this one has an interesting plot that keeps you going. The dialogue works very well. Definitely not a PG book, but it could be. The author could write PG, which says the author doesn’t depend on sex for the story. I picked up the second book right away.


I learned about this book through Twitter and I’m so glad I picked it up! I’ve always enjoyed reading Vampire Novels, but Dominion had something different! Not only is it fast paced with hot love scenes, but it also involves a suspenseful crime story. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I’m looking forward to moving on to Book 2 and I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next. I will definitely recommend!


This book has everything from sex, love, drama and action. Its a very exciting read, definitely hard to out down! Two hot vampire twins fall for a human girl who happens to be a vampire hunter. if you are a fan of vampires or The Vampire Diaries you will love this book!!!


This book had me from the beginning and is not your average vampire novel! Dominion is a compelling story about hot, twin vampires, whom I hear were inspired by the sexy Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries, combined with mysterious crime, building suspense and not to mention the steamy vampire/human sex scenes….what’s not to love? I loved it so much that I quickly moved on to the sequel, Ascension, and will certainly look forward to the next book in the trilogy. Very well written in great detail and is sure to become one of your new guilty pleasures!


What’s not to love about this book? Hot, very hot Vampires, love, lust, mystery…It’s such a great read!! Though I am partial to Michel, I love Julien too!


took me less than a day to read it, brilliant storyline could not put it down. Captured me from the off not my normal genre. its a very addictive read. downloaded number 2 immediately.

4 Stars:

Don’t let the cover fool you! It’s not as dark as it lets on, but it is a VERY hot read.
Eve is a strong character that is willing to throw away the way she was raised in order to help a cause that she believes is just.
There is a touch of  light BSDM in this story but it was tastefully intertwined to make it relevant to the story.  It actually enhanced the plot. In other words there is a reason for it.
I couldn’t put it down and wanted to throw the book across the room for leaving me hanging like it did. Thankfully there is a second book that I cannot wait to get my hands on.

Cerridwen, Bitten By Paranormal Romance Review


In the literary world, particularly in the genre of Paranormal Romance, it isn’t easy to stand out. A romance novel starring a hot vampire as the hero? Been there, read that. A heroine who is seemingly the underdog, unable to keep up with the much older vampire lover? Sounds pretty familiar. Thankfully, that is about all that Dominion has in common with other PNRs.

Dominion opens with Eve Hayden on a mission to get a manuscript, found in her late mother’s possessions, translated. Her desire to find the vampire who murdered her mother, clues to which might be found in the manuscript (which is written in French), leads her to a professor of linguistics at a local university. Or so she thinks. Instead she finds Michel de Cernay, who has been looking for the manuscript, authored by his brother, for many years. When Michel tries to compel Eve to forget their meeting–and fails–that’s when things get interesting. And complicated.

The brothers de Cernay, also known as Michel and Julien, or `those hot vampire twins’, were born in the 1200s. Michel a priest, Julien a warrior, the two couldn’t be more different in personality, if not in looks. Both men were turned against their will and, for many years, lived bound to their maker Marguerite. (Who is, quite frankly, a downright bitch.) Through the manuscript, which reads like a journal, we get to know the twins and their back story–which you could almost classify as a tragedy. I really enjoyed this journal/flashback storytelling woven throughout. It worked for me.

I wish a bit more would have been told about Eve and her backstory. It felt like more was revealed about Michel and Julien than Eve. That could be deliberate on the author’s part, as there is quite a bit of mystery wrapped up in Eve’s past. Things she doesn’t even know about herself. What we do know, however, is that Eve is an Adept. Able to sort through vampires minds and experience memories from objects by touch, Eve also has the ability and strength within herself to kill vampires. She’s got some pretty cool powers, I’ve got to say. And the way that she uses and experiences the touch memories was very unique and fun to read.

As an Adept, Eve is expected to work for the SCU as a `blood witness’. This is where things got a bit confusing for me. It really isn’t explained in too much detail the relationship between the SCU and the alphabet government agencies we’re used to–other than they often wear fake FBI jackets. I would have liked more clear and concise information on their purpose and how they run things. Also, I have to say, the man in charge (I think?), Ed, is a horrible boss! I just… there were moments I couldn’t help thinking, “Who put this guy in charge?”

Eve’s first task with the SCU is to hunt down a killer called The River Man. The investigation of which is one of my favorite aspects. The way that the kills are shown, how Eve looks for clues, and the way the killer seems to be connected to Eve was well done. When Eve has her first suspect, things kind of take an odd turn. Eve very quickly jumps to conclusions and it left me confused as to whether she was right in her assumptions or not. Also, Ed and Michel’s inability to listen to her, or even hear her out about it, was more than a tad frustrating. It was almost like Michel `checks out’ at that point.

I also had a few issues with the pacing. There were a few scene transitions that felt a little jumpy, where it went from one setting to another abruptly. I’m not quite sure… it could simply be the kindle format not showing clear line breaks. There are also many, many lopsided grins from Michel and Julien. Mixing it up with a smirk or a crooked smile would’ve made the twins signature look a bit less distracting. But those are minor grumbles when compared to the whole book.

I look forward to seeing what’s in store for Michel and Eve. In this novel, they are very much `feeling each other out’. And, sometimes, said `feeling’ can get very hot when they’re in Eve’s bedroom… or her bathroom. I liked the chemistry between them and, right now, would definitely be on Team Michel. I hope in the next book, the dominance and submission aspect of their relationship is delved into deeper. It’s hinted at and talked about in this one, but neither one is actually living it yet. Eve never truly submits to Michel, and Michel never truly forces her to. Something to look forward to!

Dominion is the first self-published offering from Miz Lund and, while it does sometimes feel like a first novel, it is still a solid and well-crafted debut. I only see these characters and this series, as well as the author, getting better and better.

Favorite Quote:
He thrusts inside me, grabbing my hands over my head and he’s kissing my throat, his other hand on my breast, squeezing my nipple and I feel his lust and mine combined so that the waves of pleasure build until I’m gasping, my body arching, my muscles clenching around him.
I’m coming as he thrusts harder and faster and I feel his climax on top of mine, his cheek pressed against mine, grunting with each thrust. it’s as if he’s holding me there, right at the top and not letting me fall. I feel his body spasm as if it’s my own, and it is my own, the pleasure such agony and it goes on and on and I’m completely drowning in it…

— A Romantic Book Affairs Review


Vampires, love, crime and sex make for a great story. It’s hard to decide which of the vampire brothers to love more. SE Lund has a great way of describing Eve’s capabilities when faced with a dangerous vampire. Cannot forget to mention the steamy sex scenes. The sexual tension created in this story is AMAZING!


This book has it all; murder, mystery and hot vampires! There are lots of twists and turns which keep you on your toes! This is a great read!


The male characters Michel and julien are very complex. They can be both sexy and just plain scary. I had no idea where this story line was going to go, which makes it better. I read all vampires all the time, and this is a great new twist to the genre. More suspenseful than lots of the series I’ve read.


Just discovered this author and her recent release, Dominion. Got the book and couldn’t put it down! Full of vampires and vampire hunters, Dominion is an interesting story about the interaction between vampires and humans in the modern world. Eve is a college student, a modern girl with a keen interest in vampires. She is on a mission to learn more about them and find the one who killed her mother. She encounters Michel and Julien and is introduced to the vampire world in a way that takes her by surprise. As the story revealed pieces of their past, I immediately formed an interest in Eve, Michel and Julien. They each have a painful history and though they encounter more pain during their mission, they manage to help each other deal with the pain, past and present.

Finished book one quickly and I understand book two is nearly complete and scheduled for release soon. There will also be a book three and possibly a book four, according to the author’s Twitter page. I hope so; I really want to see where their journey takes them next.

If you are a fan The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and other similar vampire stories, you’ll appreciate Dominion. (Note: the book contains adult themes and sexual content.)


If you love vampire fiction this is a must read.Without wanting to compare it to fifty shades of grey it carries similarities but with the added bonus of vampires!

The story leaves you wanting more and as book two is just out i am about to download it now. I feel there is a lot more to be uncovered about the stories of Michel and Julian…..don’t hesitate just read it!

5 Stars:
Don’t plan on getting a lot of sleep! Like the first book in the Dominion Series, Ascension is a page turner that will have you saying, “Just one more chapter…” until an ungodly hour of the night. We enter the book yearning for more Eve and Michel only to become spellbound by Julien. The loyalties and rivalries of this tortured trio serve as a backdrop for war and betrayal as they attempt to fight for the greater good without destroying one another. The suspense leads us to book 3 … Eagerly awaiting …
This was the perfect continuation of the lives of Michel, Julien and Eve. I loved every minute of this book and i must admit i lost a lot of sleep while reading Donimion and Ascension. You will not want to put them down!! I’m anxiously awaiting the 3rd installment of this series.
The 2nd in the series by S. E. Lund is just as amazing as the first book. So many twists, really kept your attention wondering what is going to happen next. Again, love Michel and Julien…just LOVE them!! Can’t wait for the 3rd book!!
Another addictive book from a very talented author.
The story continues exactly where it left off in Dominion however there are twists and turns throughout and it really does keep you in suspense until the very end and leaves you wanting book three to be available very soon!
I love that the books are not the usual ‘vampire’ fiction which is so readily available.
Again no hesitation required, jusy buy it!
Brilliant sequel to Dominion. I seriously cant wait for number 3. This book is written excellently..and would definatley recommend for a book to download it has a fantastic story line and is very addictive.
4 Stars:
As soon as I finished Dominion, I immediately purchased and started reading Ascension. I had to know what happened to Eve, Michel and Julien! I thought it was a great follow-up to the first book. After reading Dominion, I sided with Michel but in Ascension, the reader gets to know Julien much better and now I’m no longer sure which twin I like better. Each one has their good and not so good traits; both are definitely intense and driven. And Eve is getting to know herself better than she did before meeting the twins. She continues to evolve as she learns more about the world of vampires — the ones who want to protect her, the ones who want to use her, and the ones who are fighting for Dominion.Ascension has many twists, unexpected turns and yet another cliffhanger. So glad the series will continue. I’m really looking forward to book 3 and hopefully more!!!

SE Lund provided another great story with the 2nd book. It’s even more difficult to decide which brother to love more. It’s so easy to read this too quickly so I would suggest to make yourself slow down so nothing is missed. We’re left hanging in the end…Cannot wait for book 3!
What a book! After reading Dominion .. which I loved .. I thought I knew what to expect but Ascension was different on so many levels! When you think it’s going to go one way .. it goes a completely different way and suprises you! Your mind is challenged throughout the entire story and you just want to keep reading. The last chapters of the book are honestly some of the sweetest I have ever read .. they made my heart ache! Anxiously awaiting the third story!
I loved not knowing where or when Michel or Julien would pop up. I also loved that I didn’t know what would happen next, despite having read lots of vampire books before. This book if more realistic than Black Dagger. It’s intricate. Looking forward to the next book.
This is a great book with a much different angle on the vampire genre. I had never read about “Adepts” before. I couldn’t predict what would happen in this book, which makes it good for me. If you can guess, there’s no suspense and you might as well quit. I also can’t predict what will happen in book three. I have read a lot of vampire novels and this one was definitely different from many of the other formulaic ones.

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