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This is the website for S. E. Lund, author of Contemporary, Erotic and Paranormal Romance novels. Here you will find links to my blog, and to my books and mailing list. If you want to buy my books, they are available at Amazon.com.

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The USA Today Bestselling novel that started it all:

The Agreement:


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The rest of the Unrestrained Series:

The Commitment                           Unrestrained

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The Unrestrained Series Collection

 TUSC Collection 222


If you loved the Unrestrained Series, you can read the story told from the hero’s point of view in a series of novellas.

The Drake Series includes Drake Restrained, Drake Unwound and Drake Unbound (Coming Summer 2015)

The Drake Restrained Series and Collection:

The Drake Restrained Series is The Agreement from Drake’s Point of View, with all new scenes as well as every scene from Drake’s Point of View.

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The Collection, for those who like to read all at once!

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The Drake Unwound Series:

Drake Unwound tells the story of The Commitment, with all new scenes as well as every scene told from Drake’s Point of View:

Drake Unwound 1               Drake Unwound          ***Coming in March!***

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Everyone who signs up for my mailing list will get a free story, The Gift, featuring Drake and Kate’s first Christmas. New free stories coming up in 2015 and sales so sign up and be the first to know!

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39 Comments on “Welcome

  1. I’m reading The Agreement now in the inTENse anthology, and decided to look you up. I cannot tell you how excited I am that there is more to Drake and Kate’s story!

    • Yay! So glad you enjoyed The Agreement and bought the Intense collection! There are two other books in the Unrestrained Series of novels, including The Commitment and Unrestrained in the series. I’m also writing the series from Drake’s Point of View in novellas. Drake Restrained 1 is out and Drake Restrained 2 will be released October 28 – 30th! I hope to release Drake Restrained 3 in November. :)

  2. I fell in love with Drake and Kate”s story in the Agreement in the Intense series. I was happy to find that there were more books and Extactic to find out that their story continues on. Looking forward to reading the next book.’

    • So glad you enjoyed Kate and Drake’s story!

      Yes, there is more. I’m almost finished Drake Restrained 2 and will start on Drake Restrained 3 soon. Look for pre-order info on this website and on my Facebook page! I’m also considering a sequel to Unrestrained, following Kate and Drake in their first year of marriage.

      Thanks for reading my books!

      • I am on pins and needles with excitement waiting. I will devour them. I love the idea of following Kate and Drake through their marriage, and see if they extend their family. Love your books.

      • I will devour them. I love the idea of following Kate and Drake through their marriage, and see if they extend their family. Love your books.

        • I am considering a new sequel to Unrestrained. Have a few ideas for a story and so hope to get it out sometime in 2015! Thanks for reading my books. :)

  3. Hi S.E.Lund!

    I have read the Unrestrained series. You have a keen eye for making me hooked. not because of the acts, but your writing plot. I wished there was more details at the Unrestrained – last 3 chapters. But nonetheless you have taken me as far as around the globe. i hope you can write more novels. you have a good voice and passion about writing. you have your own mark. i’m on my way to go to US this year for an internship. and hoping to have a paper copy of the Novel since I have purchased Ebook because your book was not available in my country. I’m a fan, I have read your book for like 3-4 days non stop. yea, my break was like eating, showering, cooking, food but most of my time I read your series. now, i’m looking for your other literary. I’m a fan.

    • Hi, Jazmine — I am getting print copies ready as we speak! Hope to have them out before Christmas! Thanks for reading my books. :)

  4. What is the reading order for the Unrestrained books? Drake Restrained #1 is listed as book 1 in the series, as well as The Agreement?

    Thanks, love your books!

  5. I just finished the unrestrained series, I want more! I could not put my kindle down, this series kept me wanting more & more ! Now I will have to wait till the next chapter for Drake & Kate! Love this

  6. I’ve read both series. I love the both of them. Can’t wait for The Dominion Series book 5.

  7. I’m on book 3 of the Unrestrained series and love it. I see Drake as a blend of David Gandy and Ian Somerhalter, looks-wise. :-)

    Glad to know there is more to the series. I will be reading Drake’s books, too.

  8. So glad to hear there will be a third unrestrained book…I love Kate and Drake story and it would be great to read about a year after they are married….. Can’t wait…. Love their story……

  9. Loved..Loved..the series. Can’t wait for the rest. Went on vacation with my girfriends to Florida. Couldn’t stop reading. Read all three books!!

  10. Loved reading unrestrained. I just finished the series! I loved the story of Kate’s father, I am also an AVM survivor. I had mine removed at the age of 28, my right side was effected. So I loved the part where she stays with him till she feels he’s going to be okay before going back to Drake :-) I’m hoping that Drakes story will be available on Kobo. I can’t seem to find it. Thanks for such a wonder love story!

    • They are exclusive to Amazon until the end of February! But I will be doing a print book of the entire series and you can get that probably before the end of December if you want.

      Thanks for reading my books!

  11. Just finished The Unrestrained Series Collection and just loved it. Wish I could find the book that drake tells his story.

    • So glad you enjoyed my Unrestrained Series Collection! Book 4 of the Drake series will be out on December 22nd and the entire series of 4 novellas will be available then as well. Only on Amazon until the end of February/March.

  12. I have already purchased the 1st and 2nd books on the unrestrained series. On ebooks books I have to purchase all 3 to get the 3rd book. I don’t want to purchase the books again. How do I get just the 3rd book on the Unrestrained Series only on ebooks?

  13. I was wondering if there’s 5th book on the Drake series that covers what happen in Kenya?

    • I’ll be releasing Drake Unwound in April / May, which will be The Commitment from Drake’s point of view. Thanks for reading! :)

  14. First off LOVE the series and I want to know if and when the next Drake book is coming out.

  15. So Im lost. I thought Iwas reading the books in order got them all on amazon kindle. Well part two ended with Kate message to Drake and then part 3 picks up with them happy headed to Africa with a ton of back story so some how I missed a book or something.

  16. Can you please, please put the drake series on iBooks, I just finish reading The unrestrained series and I am dying to read the rest. Pretty please put them on iBooks 💞

  17. I’m anticipating the Drake Unbound series. I love your Drake collection, summer can’t come fast enough. Thank you!

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